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About Us

Providing optimal health to the Southern Suburbs

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Southern Suburbs of Perth – Maddington, Gosnells, Thornlie, Kenwick, Martin & Kelmscott communities since 2007 after re-locating from Coogee. Prior to that we were in Port Hedland with satellite practices in Newman, Karatha and Broome.

Who Can We Help?

We believe that if you’re born and still breathing, we can help you! We help anyone who wants to be helped, but we can only help those who come to see us. Dr Messenger particularly likes to work with people that everyone else has given up on and those with problems that defy any help that has been offered. The people who get the best results are those who are honest to themselves about their health and take our advice, follow the treatment recommendations and follow through with them. They are not just playing with their lives and their health and patching things up. YOU CAN BUY JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WANT, BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE BODY. LOOK AFTER IT.

Can you help ME? / Can you cure me?

The only person who can cure you… yourself. We can only remove interference from your body, so that it has the ability to cure… and heal itself – if you have not left the problem too long. Some things can be so bad that they are beyond cure, but even so chiropractic will often still be able to give some relief and aid in management of the condition. At Messenger Chiropractic, we recommend that you get care so that other conditions do not go that way also.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be able to have helped as many Australians as is physically possible to have happy, healthy, limitless lives – free of drugs/medications and other drastic interventions and to have been able to educate them in what real health is.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Maddington practice to make an appointment.

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