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Maddington Chiropractors
Welcome You To Begin Care!

Our Vision at Messenger Chiropractic

Our vision at Messenger Chiropractic – part of Complete Care Health is to be the most successful Chiropractic Health Clinic in Australia. We do this through the service we offer and results people receive when they come into the clinic.

Messenger Chiropractic and Health Services is merging with Complete Care Health.

The two business merged in May 2017 to bring you more health care services.

After almost 2 decades of serving the Maddington community’s chiropractic, Neuro-linguistic programming and general health needs- Messenger Chiropractic is becoming part of the Complete Care Health family.

Complete Care Health is a multi-disciplinary health care clinic with now 4 locations across Perth. We are able to provide Chiropractic care, remedial massage therapy and physiotherapy care to anyone from infant care right through to elderly. (We are able to treat infants, children, adults, people with Workers Comp claims, ICWA, people with a disability, the elderly and pretty much anyone with a body.)

Dr Ian Messenger will continue to work at the Maddington location on a part time basis, treating patients and mentoring our new staff.

We are now able to provide 2 chiropractors, remedial massage therapist and an Exercise Physiologist to treat a wide variety of health conditions as well as a wide variety of patients.

Visit the “Meet the Practitioners” page for more info on our practitioners.

Chiropractic Care in Maddington

Chiropractic is about achieving the greatest amount of function in the spine and nervous system. You work hard constantly, everyday, wearing down your body, causing stress on the spine. At Messenger Chiropractic, Dr. Ian Messenger (Chiropractor) uses chiropractic adjustments to restore function to the spine allowing your body to heal itself so you can perform at your maximum capacity!

Chiropractic Services

  • Release back pain
  • Free headache/tension
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Clear foggy head
  • Kinesioogy
  • Healthy pregnancy & infant care
  • Neuro organisation Technique (NOT Family Health)
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Higher Standard of Care For Maddington

When people in the Southern suburbs of Maddington, Thornlie, Gosnells & Kenwick area experience treatment at Messenger Chiropractic, they understand that our team are perfectionists and they will see this in our trouble shooting, the thorough assessments we offer and our meritorious service.

Call Messenger Chiropractic to make an appointment and see what sets us apart from other Maddington chiropractic clinics!

Dr. Ian Messenger (Chiropractor | Maddington Chiropractor | (08) 9204 1010

Optimum Health for Southern Suburbs of Maddington, Thornlie, Gosnells, & Kenwick.